AIL Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money?

As an AIL Consultant, you earn $250 when your referral submits their first business with AIL. If your referral submits their business BEFORE Tuesday at 3pm PST, you will get paid that Friday. If your referral submits AFTER Tuesday at 3pm PST, then expect your payment on Friday of the next week.

And remember, there is no limit on the number of people you can refer! You earn on each referral that submits business.  Start making referrals now

So who should you refer?

Do you know people who…

  • Take ownership and initiative
  • Enjoy figuring things out
  • Feel good when helping people
  • Like to talk with people and establish rapport easily
  • Have common sense
  • Have some computer skills
  • Like working hard and getting results

The people you know with one, three, or all of these qualities are the ones you want to refer. People from all walks of life with these qualities do well at AIL.

Why us?

We try our best to live by the Platinum Rule, where you do more for others than you would have them do for you. At a time when talking with a “real person” at a company seems impossible, our associates still go to clients’ homes to meet with them in person. American Income has served families with this personal touch for over 60 years. This is how we do business and it works – we’re growing faster than ever before and the best is yet to come.

On top of that. . .

We promote from within – Seriously. All our managers and even executives started in entry-level jobs across the company. We encourage career development and don’t hold people back. Our practice of cross-training supports lateral and vertical career moves.

We are Fun – We take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We have a casual work environment.

We are growing – We have tripled in the last decade and just grew 35% in 2014. As we grow, the more opportunities open up for our team.

We work as a team. Our work environment is open and collaborative. Everyone is empowered to “own” their job and we don’t micro-manage. Initiative is encouraged and rewarded so you can run with your ideas.

We have a good culture. We care about each other and encourage each other. We also have fun on a regular basis. Seasonal parties, pizza lunches and associates awards are part of our rhythm.

We help our people grow. Personal growth and professional development is more than a mantra. We give our team members new opportunities to learn at each step. We also let people focus on what they are good at.

We pay well. In 2014 our top 10% of earners averaged $160,330 and our top 5% earned $221,503.

Once you refer someone, here is what to expect:

We have a five step interview process to make sure each new associate decision is right for us and, of course, your referral. We go over all aspects of the company, including history, career paths, marketing, products, compensation, benefits, standards, and expectations.

Each candidate selected to join our team needs to obtain their state or province insurance license. This process usually takes 3 weeks in the United States, and 6 weeks in Canada. At this point, the associate can begin submitting business – you earn $250 when your referral submits their first piece of business.

How do I receive my referral cash?

Your Consultant earnings will be directly deposited into the banking account, that you provided on the online ACH banking form.

If you haven’t completed your tax and ACH banking form, use the link below:

Click here for US

Click here for CAN

How many referrals can I submit?

As many as you want! The sky is the limit.

Does my referral candidate have to live in the state/province as me?

No, your candidates can come from any state or province. To see all of AIL’s office locations, click here 

The fine print

Recruits are candidates recruited primarily thru personal relationships or happenstance introduction for which the existing agent identified the candidate as viable for our business.

Recruits that DO Count: Personal acquaintances, friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, restaurant servers, mall or retail workers, the person behind you at the convenience store, unique or special recruiting efforts.

Recruits that DO NOT Count: Standard professional recruiting methods, online job boards, newspaper postings and career fairs.

  • Everyone is eligible to participate, except current AIL Associates
  • Consultants must have their Consultant ID to make a referral, so sign up now!
  • Referrals must be submitted using the “Make a Referral Form.”
  • To earn a referral bonus, the candidate must become appointed through American Income Life.
  • Referral candidates with a criminal history may be prohibited.
  • A state or province insurance license must be obtained prior to appointment – this can take at least 2 weeks in the United States and a month in Canada

For any other questions you may have, please contact us and Consultant Support will respond as soon as possible.